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My Japanese summer at home

Somewhere in the middle of Summer I suddenly felt like I was on a holiday in Japan. Which was quite surprising, as I had decided to not go on a trip this Summer and just enjoy the weather here at home, with a little luck. I was actually at home, but via the internet I have spent a lot of time in Japan.

It al began due to Mark Watches. This brilliant one-man-book/film/tv-club consist of just Mark Oshiro, and he reads and watches recommendations by his followers. He has tackled Twilight (which he hated with his entire being), Harry Potter (which he loved), and many more books and tv-series which I can't all mention. To my great surprise and pleasure he decided to watch the (in my personal humble opinion) brilliant anime Fullmetal Alchimst: Brotherhood. I have watched this anime about two times and I have read the manga, also twice, so I was excited when he decided to take this up. I decided I would watch along with him, in other words, on the day of the review I would watch the accompanying episode.
Yeah, that didn't happen. I watched the whole anime in a week. I still don't regret it.

Watching the anime made me want more, so I began to search the internet and via a fanfiction, based on The Mortal Instruments, I ended up watching Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, a Japanese drama about a boys' school which suddenly has also female students due to a merging of schools. Of course, this is the start of chaos and hostility, but still the two parties manage to get along in the end. I noticed from the beginning that it was not a high quality drama and obviously aimed at a teenage audience (which I am as a 22-year-old not a part of anymore), but still, I could not stop watching. After finishing the series I searched some more and I have been watching Japanese dramas ever since. I am offically hooked.

What are some dramas I have seen, you ask? Pride, Buzzer Beat, Bartender, Hana Yori Dango (1, 2 and Final), Love Shuffle, Mr. Brain, etc.
J-drama is pleasant to watch, because there is a diversity in storytelling and there is clear story to tell. There are about 11 episodes and in those episodes the main arc is told. There are no irritating cliffhangers at the end of the season, I love it! (Though Kagi no Kakatta Haya, you are a fantastic exception to the rule)

As I am a person who loves trivia, I of course researched the actors in the dramas I've watched. Many actors are also in a idol group and the group I came across the most incidentily was Arashi. It began with Hana Yori Dango in which Matsumoto Jun had the lead and I saw on his wikipedia-page he was a member of Arashi. Fine, I thought, but that was it. Until I watched Bartender due to Kanyija Shihori who I liked a lot in Buzzer Beat. Imagine my suprise when I realised that the lead in Bartender, Aiba Masaki, was in the same group as Matsumoto Jun. So searched them on YouTube, saw some videos and now I am slowly beginning to turn into an Arashi-fan. Their music is quite catchy and positive, but I also like them as tv-personalities. VS Arashi is a great show with funny games and room for Arashi to show their personalities.
Has anyone seen the haunted house sequence of Himitsu no Arashi? Honestly, I could not stop laughing when Aiba and Sho were in the house and at the end running away from the people, while Aiba kept screaming.
It almost makes me jealous that we don't have this entertainment 'system' here in the Netherlands.

This post is a bit incoherent I'm afraid, but my LiveJournal will consist from now on of entries about the dramas and variety shows I've seen. It will be my Dutch view on the Japanese entertainment industry, so to speak. Hopefully it will be interesting, but mostly of all, it will be a means for me to organise my thoughts on everything I have seen and heard.